VOTE FOR SKILLA in 3RD Round!!!!!

SKILLA was nominated to be apart of IAMTHETREND.COM’s TEE MADNESS Contest. SKILLA has made to 3rd round. The voting has started, so everyone please start voting again. You can only vote once per matchup, so once you vote spread the word

( Scroll down to the bottom-left, click on the RED button: Team 2!!! ).

“”Click Here to Vote!””

Voting for 1st round Ends Soon. Follow on Facebook & Twitter. Thanks guys you rock!

9 thoughts on “VOTE FOR SKILLA in 3RD Round!!!!!

  1. melverton mclaren

    this guy is awesome!!!!!!!! just simply adores clothing!!!!!! he makes top gear stuff

  2. Carla Hemans

    The best gear are from Skilla Designs. He is an awesome designer and a great guy. GO SKILLA.

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